U9 Intro

Introductory beginner group program for ages 4-9 using red balls and mini court format. Available once or twice per week.

U12 Rookie

Players ages 10-12 competing at Rookie level tournaments, transitioning to U12 Transition and 2 stars events.

U9 Compete 

Typically for players ages 7-9 competing at Rookie level, transitioning to Future Stars. Green dot ball/ 3/4 court. egular ball and full court. 

U12 Transition

For players ages 10-12 competing at Transition level looking to progress to 2 stars events

U10 Compete

Players ages 7-10 with previous competitive experience, transitioning to full court, regular ball competition.

U16 Recreational

For players ages 12-16 looking to play recreationally.