U10 Intro

Introductory beginner group program for ages 3-9 using red balls and mini court format. Available once or twice per week.

U16 Performance

Taking the game to next level. Compete at 3-4 stars events, Provincial or National or ITF Juniors events. 12-14 hours per week.

U12 Compete to win

Typically for players ages 9-12 who completed previous levels and are competing in provincial sanctioned events. Players are learning to compete towards Future Star level tournament and 2-3 stars. Regular ball and full court. 8-10 hours per week

U16 Recreational

Program suited for juniors ages 12-16 that had previous lessons and are looking to continue to play at a recreational level. 2 or 3  hours per week.

U14 Perform

Ultra-intensive training program for players ages 10-14 actively competing 2 stars events and aspiring for 3 and provincial events. 8-10 hours per week. Selection is required.