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A lifetime in tennis. A journey from player to coach. I started playing in a country known for its tennis talent: Romania. Playing junior tennis in Romania in 80’s/early ‘90s was ..challenging. But we were driven by the passion for the sport and to show everyone that if there’s a will, there’s a way. I managed to rank as a Top20 junior in a generation led by Pescariu/Pavel/Trifu/Nita and few others. Following my junior years , I morphed into competing in the German semi-pro league for Andernach TC while completing my economics degree and earning my Bachelor of Commerce. My tennis started gravitaiting toward coaching, helping my former clubs in Romania (TC Progresul) and Germany (Andernach TC) to develop their high performance junior players. My passion for teaching and coaching grew after meeting and listening to current PTR CEO Dan Santorum in Bucharest where he held a coaching course in early 90’s. Fastforward to 2010, my son started showing a growing interest into playing tennis and I envied the opportunity to spend more time with him and share the passion for tennis. Although there were few programs in the area, something was missing from their core focus: individual attention and a FUN and ENGAGING atmosphere. That’s how littleace tennis was born: to provide a FUN and ENGAGING program where CHARACTER is part of the development. I feel blessed that the motivation behind littleace are my son and my daughter, both sharing the passion for tennis. Catalin Codita Founder

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