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Please note the following for registration and participation in any of littleace-tennis school programs and activities.The parent/guardian and/or the participant is assuming full responsibility for the participant’s health being such that the activities will in no way aggravate any conditions that are present. It is assumed that the parent/guardian/participant will know any such condition or will seek advice before participating in any of the activities provided by littleace-tennis school. By registering in any of the littleace-tennis school programs and/or activities, the parent/guardian and/or the participant agrees to hold littleace-tennis school and its owners, Directors, Coaches, Instructors, Volunteers and Contractors harmless for any personal injuries sustained by themselves, their child or any other person and for the loss or damage to any property which the participant has brought on the premises whether caused by theft or any cause including negligence of littleace-tennis school or any of its Directors, Coaches, Instructors, Volunteers and Contractors.

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